“Where’s your pain? Let us fix it!”

Our engineering team has over 50 years of experience in a multitude of different specialties. Our backgrounds include working in several different industries such as construction, automotive, food processing, refineries, plastics recycling, and equipment design and fabrication. Some of the roles our staff have experience in are: program engineering, process engineering, plant and facility engineering, and design engineering.

“Where’s your pain, let us fix it”. That’s the motto we adhere to. What issue is giving you the most grief or keeping you up at night? Where are you inefficient? Where are you losing money? Where are your non-value added processes? Do you have the staff onboard to analyze your manufacturing processes and then be able to execute the fix? WE DO!!!! Let us help eliminate your pains.

All of our design work can be completed in 2D or 3D modeling. In 3D modeling, we utilize Autodesk Inventor 2017. Our in-house designers are capable of developing flat sheet metal blanks from 3D part drawings, incorporating our press brake tooling into Inventor for proper Bend Deductions and programming multiple machines including plasmas and press brakes. 3D modeling decreases the design time to hit the floor and the fabrication time out the door. So our customers do not have to wait long leadtimes.

We also utilize Autodesk Factory Design Suite platform to design your custom manufacturing floor plan in 3D. We utilize this technology in developing lean manufacturing process flows to minimize unnecessary wastes in your manufacturing environment. The benefit of this technology is that it allows our team of engineers to interact with our customers in a simple virtual demonstration. It provides our team the ability to show the customer both the building and equipment in virtual reality as if you’re walking through the plant floor.